Light Stays® is a bridge to your world of the best retreats, teachers, presenters and Tameera Kemp, Director - Light Stays Retreats and Livingcommunicators from around the globe.

Who comes to visit us? Travel loving, eco conscious, spiritually minded, creative, yoga loving people worldwide. Light Stays visitors love to learn, grow, travel, retreat, relax and rejuvenate.

Light Stays has the worlds largest social media following for a retreat directory with a daily reach often in excess of 250,000 to our Facebook page alone feeding back to us. This is organic from people interested in yoga, retreats, wellbeing and personal development.

You won’t find a better place to meet your kind of people. Would you like us to share you with the world?

Light Stays will keep you inspired with our blogs and articles featuring personal development, spirituality, yoga, retreats, travel, life and more.

We feature a moon calendar plus travel resources whilst keeping you connected with the best in social media.

Tameera Kemp is the founder and director of Light Stays Retreats and Living®.  She holds over 20 years combined experience in journalism, communications, travel, alternative therapies and personal development. Tameera has a special interest in:

  • Developing online resources to enrich personal development, wellbeing, creativity, travel and growth.
  • Creating a global community of likeminded others who love travel, learning and want to achieve a better way of living.
  • Websites and their power to connect people worldwide.  
  • Blogging and social media.

"My vision for Light Stays® began when searching online for retreats and classes. Realising a need for enhanced information I set out to create the best resource possible; combining my journalism, media and communications background with my passion for retreats, travel and alternative ways to develop your soul."

Tameera established Light Stays Retreats and Living® in 2011, creating a one of a kind global resource to inspire and guide your journey.

"Hi Tameera, Thanks so much, we have a direct booking through Light Stays for 8 nights.Glad to see the site is doing well, it deserves to! All the best."
John Bludstone Co-owner, Bali Eco Stay

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 "My life is too short not to do what I love" ~ Dr Robert Holden


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