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Lani Saraswati

Hosting an Ayurvedic Panchakarma Retreat in Bali

by Lani Saraswati
in Retreats and travel
15 Oct 2012  |  1 Comment


Last year I had ten ladies on an Ayurvedic retreat in Bali. I had to reflect on why  some of these women seemed resistant to the profound healing process that Ayurvedic treatments offer. They just wanted to cut loose from the programme and go shopping!  

My personal experience of an Ayurevdic programme is one of great satisfaction.  I feel myself let go of the external world and turn within.  I am willing to surrender to the process and allow myself to be cleansed and restored. I know that in the process I may visit some negative thoughts and emotions  - which underly my nagging health complaints - but they are so luxuriously massaged away with the abundantly oily herbal massage treatments that they dissolve into bliss! (I feel like Cleopatra!) At the end of the programme I have strangers stopping me to say – “you are positively glowing - how do you get to look like that?” 

I am so sold on the healing potential of Ayurveda that I want to share it with as many people as possible. So from now on I am screening enquiries for the Ayurevda retreats that I host in Bali. Participants must be willing to embrace the healing process and not just give up and go shopping part way!   Be willing to do what it takes to benefit from the time and money you’re investing. It's worth it! I will support you through it with yoga therapy and counseling.  

Ayurveda helped me recover from the debilitating effects of re-current miscarriage and medical intervention with anasthesia and drugs. It got me back on track as I moved forward into motherhood.  While I am especially interested in supporting women on these retreats men are welcome too and can benefit enormously from the  Ayurvedic liver detox programme.

I now offer separate 'healthy holiday' retreats for people who want a yoga based holiday with the opportunity to go shopping, and enjoy the many fascinating options that Ubud, Bali, has to offer!   Check out the Christmas Get-away!

Find out more about Lani's Northern Beaches Yoga Retreats 

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