NUU Understanding Money Conference


Understanding Money Conference brings together key people in all types of businesses around Australia. We believe it is critical that we start to provide a secure platform for our up and coming leaders and their families to meet and come together for our Understanding Money Conference that discussing: What money is? Where did money come from? Is Cash KING? What money is looking like for our future? GOLD is the oldest currency..... The latest technologies and solutions that benefit our future operations for the next Generation. Come and meet all our Activational Inspirational Money Professional speakers welcoming to you Australian very own Pete Murray, Kelly Kingston, Jamie McIntyre, Justin Herald, Graham Donnelly, Jonathan Fulton, Paul Engeman, Tylor Bunting, educating you on Fiat Currency's, Crypto-currency's, Gold bullion, what is money and learn about different types of money that you never knew existed.and how our professional create money plus much much more... This will be a jaw-dropping experience for some, and others will want to know more. Understanding Money Conference is a fundraising event for NUU The Real World to facilitate our Job Readiness programme into the schools in our Brisbane metro areas. Meet our committee: Jeremy Britton, Samyo Dalgarno, Kathy Barry, Ellie Oster, Ilka Oster, Jo Drennan, Locky Rose, Mikayla Mead and Edwina Spring To learn more about us please visit us at the links below and pop on over and like our Facebook pages: A community balanced program includes the best policy-driven presentations along with a very special and memorable social event program that promotes effective networking and communication. Together, these elements provide a memorable—and valuable—EXPERIENCE. Presented by NUU The Real World, we know how important it is for our young people and their families to know what is install for their future, but not only their future, our future also. This is the reasons why we are hosting Understanding Money Conference the reason is OUR YOUTH. If we do not look after our YOUth!! who will look after us? We look forward to welcoming you to the 1st Understanding Money Conference for the YOUth on the 2nd of June 2018 in Brisbane, AUSTRALIA Who Should Attend? Understanding Money Conference welcomes : YOU! Mums Dads Grandparents Brothers Sisters Family members Premier Councillors Teachers Principals Youth Workers Business Professionals Accountants Bank Managers BlockChain Specialists Bitcoin Miners Bitcoin Users Coding Specialists Finance Businesses Gold Bullion Company's Other Industry Suppliers NUU Youth The Real World is a project of One Purse One Planet Ltd a registered charity organisation. Understanding Money Conference is a fundraiser for NUU The Real World to implement our Job Readiness Programme in Schools around Australia. *Food will not be supplied as this event..... ** No children under the age of 9, please.


When Sat From June 2, 2018 to
June 2, 2018

8:00 am - 4:00 pm
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Brisbane Convention Centre

Southbank Parklands