Read our feedback


Thanks for speedy reply and for the positive feedback on our retreat :-) 

Love seeing our retreat on your vibrant and bright web site! So professional and easy to work with you - thank you.

Namaste and happy days ahead,

Julie - Yogaressa Retreat

Julie Murphy - 29 Aug 2015
I just signed up for the complimentary month of class listing on your website. Thanks so much for offering a beautiful opportunity for us and providing such a great resource online. I look forward to spending more time on  your website in the near future!

Rev Joseph

Rev Joseph - 23 Jun 2015

I would love to add my retreats to your beautiful site, and will do so this afternoon. I didn't realise that time had gotten away from me last night when I signed up, I became engrossed in reading the articles on your site and exploring other workshops and before I knew it, it was close to 1am so opted to get some sleep and finish adding my workshops later today.

 Kind regards

Julie Abraham, Four Winds Reiki for Horses NSW Australia

Julie Abraham - 29 Apr 2015
Mike King on the piano :)


Thank you. I can't believe I've only just come across your site. It's fantastic.

The listing all looks good to me. Thanks again and have a great day.

Mike King, Owner of Barbados Singing Holiday Retreats

Mike King - 9 Apr 2015

That would be great if I could get a featured listing for the womens’ retreat in September.

One of the first to book in was a lady who came all the way from Texas last year to do my Ayurvedic Bali retreat and she came directly through Light Stays.  It was her first international trip and she absolutely loved it and is coming back for more this year.

Warm wishes,


Lani Saraswati, Northern Beaches Yoga

Lani Saraswati - 2 Mar 2015

Hello and congratulations on a beautiful inviting website.

Warm regards,

Lin Bell, Sacred Travels 

Lin Bell - 25 Feb 2015
Pineapple House Bali


Thank you for your endless patience... You have been so incredibly helpful, patient and (despite my seeming confusion) I am actually finding Lightstays very user friendly!

xo Rachel Fearnley, Owner Pineapple House Retreat Canngu Bali

Rachel Fearnley - 17 Feb 2015
Jassy Watson, Owner Goddess Garden and Studio Retreats

I just found your site by doing an online search on advertising my retreat. I had been looking at putting ads in online and print magazines - but the cost could not be justified - for a tiny little business size add it was going to be in the hundreds of dollars which totally negated income coming in form the retreat.

I love what you have created here - and that people here looking are specifically looking for retreats. I will certainly share it around through Facebook etc. 

Thank you!!

Jassy Watson, Owner Goddess Garden and Studio Retreats 


Jassy Watson - 28 Jan 2015
Big Sur, California ~ Jacqui Lalita

I would LOVE to keep spreading the word with Light Stays!  I didn't have anyone sign up but on the day that you featured me on your FB page I did have a few people reach out to express interest in a future retreat.  

What a wonderful interview you have created, and I say this as one who used to be a broadcast journalist! Thank you so much! 

big hugs from Big Sur, California ~ Jacqui Lalita

Jacqui Lalita - 20 Jan 2015
Cassandra Missio

We see that Cassandra’s Vanuatu retreat listing on Light Stays is listed nice and high when searching on Google which is great!

All the best,

Wendy Millyard

Wendy Millyard - 14 Jan 2015
Jenetta Haim

O My Goodness! My interview looks great! 

Thank you soooo much. I love it.

Am reposting link onto fb, twitter etc etc.

What a wonderful surprise :)

Thank you,

Jenetta Haim, Owner Stressfree Management Reiki Training Sydney

Jenetta Haim - 10 Dec 2014

Congratulations again on the Lightstays site - I think it’s really wonderful and such a brilliant business.

Wendy Millyard

Yoga Student and Retreat Participant 

Wendy Millyard - 25 Nov 2014

Hi, this is Gracy Parker, I found Light Stays while surfing in Google. I'm very much impressed with your unique information.

Yours Truly,



Gracy Parker - 19 Nov 2014
Demi Schneider - Founder of Depression Busting Courses UK


Thank you for doing such a beautiful job.  My profile looks great.

Love and gratitude,

Demi Schneider - Founder of Depression Busting Courses UK

Demi Schneider - 12 Nov 2014

One evening I was searching for ways to promote my SwellWomen Surf & Yoga Retreats, I went to sleep with a few ideas and woke to a very personalized email from Tameera at Light Stays Retreats & Living.  Talk about fate!  After reading her inspiring profile and checking out her website, I knew this would be a very effective solution.  Her team made signing up very easy. In fact they published some additional photos and started tweeting immediately.  I've only been live for a few days, but feel confident that this will yield into meeting some fabulous guests.  Thank you Tameera for contacting me!

I'm off to the hot tub and sauna to unwind.  Have a great day!

With Oceans of Bliss, 

Lulu Agan, Retreat Owner Swell Women Hawaii and Nicaragua 

Lulu Agan - 6 Nov 2014

Thank you for our profile, we love it!!- 

Melissa Richter - LHR Global Brand Manager

Lifestyle Health Retreats Bangkok

Melissa Richter - 31 Oct 2014

Thanks so much for putting our retreat in your Twitter Feed. I really appreciate it. Hope all is well. Nick

Soul Fit Journey

Nicholas Klepesch - 17 Oct 2014

Felicia Grant - 10 Oct 2014

Hi Thank you for touching base. Its great to hear that our profile was viewed so many times. What a fantastic site! Because our retreat is a week away and we are actually sold out, we will not need anymore advertising this year. However, we will definitely be touching base next year. 

Thank you,

Kelly Sepich

Online Marketing Coordinator

Bauman College: Holistic Nutrition & Culinary Arts, Pengrove California

Kelly Sepich - 23 Sep 2014

What you do is sensational.

Much appreciation xxx

Aimee, The Story Teller Within

Aimee Hansen - 27 Aug 2014


Thank you for featuring us on your home page! Image looks great!

Kind Regards

Sanae Moriarty 

Sales and Marketing Manager, Escape Haven

Sanae Moriarty - 20 Aug 2014
Mirjana Milic

Very nice pictures and adjustments you put to our profile, thanks for that and also for the attached guide, which i'll look through with pleasure in weekend days hopefully, looking forward to it.

Cheers to following and linking, big thanks again and good day to you xo

Mirjana Milic

Mirjana Milic - 9 Aug 2014
Agnieszka Religa, Inner Child Retreat Sicily, Italy


Ah, thank you so much! I have added the interview link on my personal website as well!

I'm happy you were inspired by the story and that you like my pic haha! :)

Much Love,

xx Aga, Inner Child Retreat Sicily, Italy

Agnieszka Religa - 31 Jul 2014
Namit, Owner of Yoga Sutra Shala Retreat Spain


What fantastic news regarding the booking, Thank you! 

Namit, Owner of Yoga Sutra Shala Retreat Spain

Namit Kathoria - 24 Jul 2014
Felicia Grant, The Dragonfly Experience

I want to THANK YOU for promoting my upcoming women's retreat in Sedona September 21-26th.

Felicia Grant, The Dragonfly Experience

Felicia Grant - 2 Jul 2014

The listing looks really nice, thank you :) I really like your site and the overall healing feeling of it resonated with me.  I'm so happy to be part of Light Stays :)

Best wishes,

Jo Crowder, Tranquil Times Retreat UK

Jo Crowder, Tranquil Times Retreat UK - 24 Jun 2014
Daniel Fonseca


Thanks for featuring us in your newsletter. It looks great. I’ll take some time this week to update our content on your website and add some new information.

Have a great day!!!


Daniel Fonseca - Headmaster

Wise Living Yoga Academy Retreat Thailand

Daniel Fonseca - 19 Jun 2014
Matt Jolley


Just wanted to thank you for your ongoing support and the tweets!

We have booked out our October Weekend Retreat, so I'll update the listing on the Light Stays site, but thought I should mention it in case you had another tweet on that planned soon. We have plenty of Great Ocean Walks planned for next year and are filling up this year's events, one at a time!

Please let me know if there is anything in particular you need or if there is anything I can in turn do to help you and your business. 

Sharing is caring!

Warm regards

Matt Jolley

Adventure Coach and owner, BANG Fitness Adventure Retreats

Matt Jolley - 18 Jun 2014

That's so cool, thanks a million for the newsletter feature Tameera.

Justine x (owner of Sweet Yoga Retreat) 

Justine Farnworth - 17 Jun 2014
Rass Mandal Vacation Residence

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your contribution in helping me achieve a very high honor among vacation rentals in the United States.  Rass Mandal has just been chosen as one of the top luxury rentals in all of New Mexico & the US.  There are over 271,000 vacation rentals in the United States of which only 699 have been chosen for this honor.  Rass Mandal is 1 of 7 of those residences that are located in New Mexico.

Your reviews and your comments has helped me make the necessary improvements and touches which contributed to the process of being chosen.  I continue to make additions and improvements to provide my guests with a wonderful venue during their visit to Santa Fe.

All the best,

Richard A Woodruff

Richard - Owner of Rass Mandal Retreat, Santa Fe New Mexico - 14 Jun 2014


Many thanks for getting back to me so promptly.  You have a great site :-)

Lind Compton, Retreat Wellbeing Client Services Manager

Lind Compton - 2 Jun 2014
Namit Kathoria

Hi  - Thank you so much for making the page looks so beautiful :) You have done a brilliant job :) Thanks a million :)

Thank you for the compliment too :) You are welcome to come here the next time you come to Spain :)

And thanks for the advice too :) Do you mean to trim some of the content from the light stay listing? If so which parts? We are actually trimming bits of our website at the moment as we started to feel that there was too much information for people to read :) Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us :)

Have a lovely day  :)

Kind Regards

Namit Kathoria, Owner of Yoga Sutra Shala Spain

Namit Kathoria - 26 May 2014
Rene and Jill

Hi we so excited to be on your page – I have been watching a few options over the last year and just love your facebook updates and your website. 

Very exited

Much love

Jillian Lambert, Magic Moments

Jillian Lambert - 21 May 2014
Newcastle Soulfit

Hey.  I just wanted to say a very big thank you for sharing my photo on the Light Stays Facebook page yesterday.  The photo so far as been seen by over 5000 people and, I have had over 40 new likes!!!!  Wow, the power of one little photo that was purely a result of being in the right place at the right time (nothing to do with photography skill!). Now I just have to convert some of the new likes into business.....  

I promise I will get the completed interview back to you by the close of business tomorrow.  

Thanks so much for your ongoing support and have a beautiful day. 

Virgina Slevin, Yoga Teacher and Director of Soulfit Adventures xxx

Virgina Slevin - 16 May 2014
Trudi Gwillim

Thank you for taking care of Escape Haven, for your attention, your patience, your support and guidance and for making us feel so welcome in our first week!  

There are so many options when it comes to online partnerships in the Health and Wellbeing sector.  We have been more than impressed with the Light Stays package offering and your genuine interest in our organisation.  

Thank you for inspiring us with your ideas and your energy!  We look forward to working with you and your team in the future.

Kind Regards

Trudi Gwillim, Marketing and Guest Guru - Escape Haven Retreats


Trudi Gwillim - 13 May 2014
Nicole Stone, Director

Hi again Tameera

Thanks for your note below & thanks for ‘improving’ the listings with your magic!   Ive gone back in & uploaded some more images for the listings as I hadn’t realised how few pics Id uploaded for some of them!   Pictures help sell don’t they!

Nicole Stone, Director ~ Yoga Breaks in Spain and Blissful Retreat

Nicole Stone - 13 May 2014
Mikaku Doliveck


I must congratulate you on such a fantastic job you have done with Light Stays. I have been following you and your competitors for some time now. Thank you for your help by the way.

Warmest regards,

Mikaku Doliveck, Owner of Bali Floating Leaf Retreat

Mikaku Doliveck - 11 May 2014
Deborah Toczek


We viewed the directory for our Willlow Tree Inn; it looks great.  You did a wonderful job, we're very excited about connecting with you!

God Bless you,

Deborah, Owner of Willow Tree Inn Colorado

Deborah Toczek - 7 May 2014
Marly Oosterhof, Vita Wellness and Health Retreat

I'm sooo excited about our booking enquiry received within the first week! That's why I want to upgrade my account ASAP :) Thanks!!!

BTW, loving the e-book. It is overwhelming though....didn't realize how much time and energy goes into promoting retreats. But it's all very useful information, thanks :)

Marly Oosterhof, Vita Wellness and Health Retreat

Marly Oosterhof - 4 May 2014

I actually received a booking today from your website!! Thank you and keep them coming :)

Felicia Grant, Soul Coaching Retreats and Workshops Sedona USA


Felicia Grant - 29 Apr 2014


My name is Christine, and I live in New Zealand, my email is none other than to tell you, I love the layout of your website! It makes me feel so calm and relaxed, and the layout just feels right. Just wanted to say credit where credit is due.

Kind Regards, Christine.

Christine - 27 Apr 2014

Hi there wonderful Tameera,

Your website is amazing, 

Many blessings and thanks

Chris ~ Always B

Chris Stormer-Fryer - 23 Apr 2014

Your information has been absolutely interesting. I have found your stuff excellent I have been doing a course with facebook and have learned a heap but your stuff is so accessible.


Sonya Davies Aroma Spa Retreat Bali

Sonya Davies - 26 Apr 2014
Ethan Sobel

Thanks Tameera. We love the pages you've created for our 3 retreats! We will be sharing via social media. 

Ethan Sobel

Director of Communication, Student Programming & Development Associate


Ethan Sobel - 17 Apr 2014

Nehirim Retreats New York

Nehirim Retreats New York - 9 Apr 2014

"Thanks for the updates you made to our retreat listing - it looks great :) 

I heard about Lightstays via twitter. I followed you a while ago but only just thought to list on your site. It's a fabulous site for both retreat searchers and organisers!" 

Katie Shellard, The Urban Witch

Katie Shellard - 6 Apr 2014

Dear Tameera

I am very impressed with the way you run your business on the SEO facebook side who is helping you with this we would appreciate some advice if we can get it.

Kind Regards,

Sonya Davies

Aroma Spa Retreat, Sanur Bali

Sonya Davies - 30 Mar 2014

Fivelements Ubud Bali Retreat

Fivelements Ubud Bali Retreat - 27 Mar 2014
Krishna Prakash

Dear Tameera,

Thanks for the tweets and I can see that it has been retweeted by a lot of your followers as well. Have logged in to our account and added the dates to the program. 

Thanks again for stepping in to help us.


Krishna, Shrimrath Yoga Retreat Bangalore India

Krishna Prakash - 26 Mar 2014

Thank you Tameera for your support. I'm very grateful. 
Eve :-) Mind Body Transformation Retreats

Eve - 20 Mar 2014
Cecilia Galvagni - Manageress

I replaced the pictures I didnt like it and now looks great and I have to say your website is very well constructed, very easy indeed to work with. I am very happy with this.

Many thanks and thanks to Angeline too.

Kindest regards,

Cecilia Galvagni, Owner of Algarve Surf & Yoga Rerteat - TipiValley

Cecilia Galvagni - 20 Mar 2014
Sarah Hereim, Owner of Horses and Courage Retreat Montana

Thanks so much Tameera, we really appreciate all you do!! We feel so fortunate to have found your website! We will definitely stay in touch, hope to meet you someday!

Sarah Hereim, Owner of Horses and Courage Retreat Montana

Sarah Hereim - 17 Mar 2014

Rachel Lindsay - 15 Mar 2014

Rachel found Light Stays through Facebook and then booked her perfect retreat Inner Temple Bali.

Rachel Lindsay - 8 Mar 2014

Soulsister Retreats - 7 Mar 2014

Myra Lewin - 4 Mar 2014

Hi Tameera,

My interview looks beautiful.

Thank you.


Atmoji - Wildquest Dolphin Retreats

Atmoji - 3 Mar 2014

Wow!  Thank you very much!  This is much more than I expected and I will have a look at them all. Very kind of you to go to all this trouble.

Alex (inquiring on recommendations for Light Stays fitness, weight loss and yoga retreats Bali and Thailand)

Alex - 28 Feb 2014
Nicole Webb, Owner of The Yoga Getaway Retreats

Hi Tameera,

Thank you so much, it turned out beautifully.

I will share it on our Facebook fanpage tomorrow.

Thanks again for featuring the interview :)


Nicole Webb, Owner of The Yoga Getaway Retreats

Nicole Webb - 23 Feb 2014
Tammie Day, Vibrant Women Retreats Worldwide

Wow 3 new bookings yesterday for our Ubud Bali Retreat!! I think that means we have around 6 rooms left for this one. Tammie Day, Vibrant Women Retreats Worldwide

(Via Light Stays Facebook with 320 likes and 83 shares reaching 7,396 people.)

Tammie Day - 17 Feb 2014
Virginia Slevin, Founder and Director of Soulfit Adventure Retreats

Thanks so much for your support. You have been supportive of me and my business from the very first time I contacted you just after your website went live! Gosh that seems like forever ago!! 

Virginia Slevin, Founder and Director of Soulfit Adventure Retreats

Virginia Slevin - 14 Feb 2014

Dear Tameera,

Thank you so much for giving us at Utopian Retreats a mention.  We're having a huge success with yoga groups, many of whom are repeat booking again this year.

I truly appreciate your support.

Best wishes

Penelope Salmon - Utopian Retreats Spain

Penelope Salmon - 11 Feb 2014

Thank you so much for 'tweeking' my listing - really appreciate that!

I found your site searching for retreats on Google.

Thanks so much for the opportunity and your help, I really appreciate it!

Warm regards

Paula Johnson, Soul Cuisine Retreats New Zealand

Paula Johnson - 8 Feb 2014

Here’s a HUGE pat on the back. I can right off the bat say the stand-out for you is your personal service. You care, and it’s obvious. That’s worth a lot in my view and sure for most others. A few that have attended my retreats have said the deciding factor in their decision was that I answered their inquiries promptly. So do you.

I don’t belong to any other directories and never have, although I’ve had a peek at a few others. Your search function is simple and user-friendly. I like that there is enough information to tease in the list with the full profile click option. The colours are earthy and Light Stays is beautiful.

Mitch Rillet, Owner and Facilitator, Inner Voyage Holistic Retreat Sanur Bali

Mitch Rillet - 4 Feb 2014

Dear Tameera

I googled 'Healing in Sanur' and your website is excellent.

I have been in touch with Mitch at Inner Voyage Holistic Retreat and he will meet my husband and myself some time around lunch Friday regarding joining his retreat.

Bali blessings,


Inner Voyage Holistic Retreat - 1 Feb 2014
 Adrienne Ventura

Hi Tameera,

Thank you for your reply. The description sounds great, thank you for fine tuning it. :) 


Adrienne, Wellness Retreat Canada

Adrienne Ventura - 24 Jan 2014
Felicia Grant owner of The Dragonfly Experience

You have a BEAUTIFUL website!! I have just posted my upcoming retreats with you.  Thank you so much for all the extra additions with with my listing.

Love your Facebook page thank you for all you do, Felicia Grant owner of The Dragonfly Experience

Felicia Grant - 12 Jan 2014
Julie Sexton

Light Stays is so full of amazing possible retreats and journeys, such a great site, thank you x

Julie Sexton, The Joyful Buddhas 

Julie Sexton - 8 Jan 2014

Hi Tameera, I have just looked at Light Stays website and Facebook page – both fantastic and inspiring.  I have signed up for your newsletter as it will be lovely to hear from you each month.  I will be advertising my personal development courses and workshops for next year on your events and classes page.  So I will be in touch when I have actually worked out the dates for them.This will help me to be a bit more organised in 2014!

Have a wonderful day

Blessings, Fiona x

Fiona Weatherhead - 16 Dec 2013
Two of the clients came through your site so I am very pleased about that, thank you.  You are doing a great job!

I am very happy I took up your special offer to join. I am in Bali at present having just completed the May retreat which went really well as half of the people came through Light Stays which actually made my retreat possible - I am so pleased about that, thank you.  You are doing a great job!

Without the people from Light Stays I would not have had the numbers.  They were also a delightful addition to the group dynamics.  One them was a man in his 40's who had recently separated from his wife and he totally enjoyed himself and was going home a different person.  He just sent me an email to say he will send a review as soon as he returns in the next day or so. 

So thanks again for your support.  I am very happy with the results so far and will continue subscribing.  I have also several other people about your site.

Blessings! Lani Saraswati, Northern Beaches Yoga

Lani Saraswati - 3 Jun 2013

Thanks Tameera for the retreat owner interview! 

That looks great... we really appreciate your work, these extra things you do really support us..

Nice one

Jai, Swara Yoga Teach Training School Goa India

Jai - 4 Dec 2013
Bali Eco Stay

Hi Tameera, Thanks so much, we have a direct booking through Light Stays for 8 nights. Glad to see the site is doing well, it deserves to!

All the best, John Bludstone Co-owner, Bali Eco Stay

John Bludstone - 20 May 2012
Ingrid - Eco Lodge Retreat Paksong Thailand


That is great news we're very happy with the booking! We do have place available at our retreat from January 16th until February 28th. We'll make a reservation for the room for that period.

Kind regards,

Ingrid - Eco Lodge Retreat Paksong Thailand

Ingrid - 21 Nov 2013
Billabong Yoga Meditation Eco Retreat Sydney Australia

Great write up on our favourite retreat site Light Stays (via Facebook). Read about it here >>

Paul von Bergen, Co-owner and Yoga Teacher ~ Billabong Retreat Sydney

Paul von Bergen - 28 May 2013
Trish Peacock, Shake your Buddha Retreat

Thank you so much for featuring me as your Retreat Member of the Week.  I feel very honoured.  I just got back from our Kin Kin QLD retreat.  WOW so much healing went on there this weekend.  

Again, I truly can’t thank you enough for what you do and for what you have done for me.  I am very grateful indeed. 

Have a wonderful week,

Trish Peacock from Shake your Buddha Retreat 

Shake your Buddha Retreat Bali Retreat 

Shake your Buddha Retreat Queensland Retreat 

Trish Peacock - 18 Nov 2013
The Beach Health Retreat, Queensland
We have had a recent booking through your site, we really appreciate this. 
We feel satisfied that our decision to promote our services with you is going to
target the most appropriate audience.
Thank you and blessings, Ian & Deb - The Beach Health Retreat
Ian Trew & Deborah Pepperdine - 18 May 2012
Jody Mc Nicholas, Eco Chic Retreat

Hello Tameera,

Thank you very much for all your support this past year.  You have a beautiful website and were incredibly gracious.

Blessing to you,

Jody Mc Nicholas, Eco Chic Retreat

Jody Mc Nicholas - 11 Nov 2013

You have a very beautiful and informative website. Thank you for helping our Escape the World Retreat it is a joy to be associated with your business

Love and light
Peta, Spiritual Quest Journeys

Peta Panos - 21 May 2013
Leisel Speranza, Bali Retreat

Hi Tameera

A quick note to say what a wonderful resource you have created for retreats and personal development.  It is beautifully presented, easy to navigate and uplifting in design and content.  It would have taken much effort to create I know.  Well done - it's exceptional.

Warm regards,

Leisel Speranza, Bali Retreat 


Leisel Speranza - 6 Nov 2013
Shake your Buddha - rediscover yourself.

Compliments on the great idea of this website and even bigger kudos to you for the web design.  Very nice.

We think that what you have created is wonderful, artistically, aesthetically, as well as entrepreneurially.  Hope it all goes well for you. We are intending to continue advertising once the complimentary period expires. Trish and Phil Peacock, Rediscover Yourself Yoga Retreat - Shake your Buddha

Trish and Phil Peacock, Shake your Buddha - 6 May 2012
Federico Orozco, Omm Retreats Ubud, Bali

About my profile it looks very nice. Love your Ebook, so zestful! I'm sure it will be useful to grow my retreats.

Federico Orozco, Omm Retreats Ubud, Bali

Federico Orozco - 28 Oct 2013

I really admire the info and variety that you have on Light Stays. It's a fabulous place to surf and learn about what is going on in the retreat and wellbeing events world. Effie Maria, Santosa, Cyprus Greece

Effie Maria - 9 May 2013

Dear Tameera, thank you for sending your Ebook. It will help our retreat!  It is lovely and so are you! 

Blessings, Sr. Carol, Ol Abbey Retreats

Sr. Carol - 21 Oct 2013
I created this painting to capture a delicious moment in time when you are dreaming your life and your dreams begin to bloom and flower.  People who are drawn to this artwork are usually about to experience a change in their life. A change for the better. "Live Your Dreams" every change begins with a dream...

I must tell you your site looks great, classy and easy to work with. Love it. 

Will start posting later on today, working on the workshop days, so far and so on. I am really looking forward to collaborating with you. 

Namaste. Sofan, The Art of Happiness Gallery

Sofan Chan - 12 Apr 2012
Andrew Winter, Yoga at Moses Retreat Portugal

We think what you're doing to promote retreats round the world is inspiring.

Andrew Winter, Yoga at Moses Retreat Portugal

Andrew Winter - 18 Oct 2013

Hi Tameera, thanks for your assistance, the profiles look amazing and the pictures are also great.

Thanks again for your support I’m excited to find a community of like-minded people. I’ll be adding lots of retreats you’ll be sick of me soon!

Haven’t had a chance to really view your e-book just yet but I have to say the appearance of your website, all of your branding is just beautiful, so clean, calm and contemporary and doesn't take away from the retreat listings just perfect xx

Tammie Day, Vibrant Women 

Tammie Day - 2 May 2013
Sharon Southern Oceanview Retreats New Zealand

Thank you for your kind words, I thought you might like to know that i was sent an email yesterday via your website from a beautician who lives 40 minutes away...would love to work in our environment, she is popping over next week to our retreat! Hopefully a success story.

Thanks again Tameera, Sharon Southern Oceanview Retreats New Zealand


Sharon Southern - 9 Oct 2013
Blue Star - Trinidad & Tobago, The Caribbean

Thank you for all that you do, your dedication, your integrity, your genuine caring and personal service you have helped us to share our message of hope and love and self-empowerment for managing in this world of duality with so many more souls searching for the light within their own being.

Everything is just beautiful and thank you so much for your efforts...will continue to list events as they come up.

I cannot thank you enough for the platform you have provided for us to freely reach out to all. Much love always, Achala Devi, Blue Star - Trinidad & Tobago, The Caribbean

Achala Devi - 9 Apr 2012
Jayant Kalla, Jodpur Spiritual Festival India

Our retreat profile looks fabulous thank you so much for your personal help with everything.

Jayant Kalla, Jodpur Spiritual Festival India

Jayant Kalla - 30 Sep 2013

I typed in 'Anzac Yoga Weekend' in Google and your website came up with the perfect retreat in Broulee! I hope they have places available. Love Light Stays thanks for all you are doing. Anna, NSW

Anna - 25 Apr 2013
♥ Had an amazing interview with Tameera Kemp from Lightstays Retreats, loved all the inspiring questions ♥

♥ Had an amazing interview with Tameera Kemp from Light Stays Retreats & Living, loved all the inspiring questions ♥

Shaini Verdon ~ Yogaion Yoga Surf Retreats Portugal 
Read my interview here >>

Shaini Verdon - 23 Sep 2013
The Sanctuary Resort Detox Retreat Thailand

Thanks very much for your input and work on our listing, it does indeed look beautiful! I’ve changed a couple of bits but I really appreciate your effort!
Tasha, The Sanctuary, Koh Phangan Thailand

Natasha Moskovici - 3 Apr 2012
Nicola Bates - Feel Great Breaks Spain

144 views is just amazing for 30 days. We are working continuously on updating and improving our exposure.  

We just love your site and are absolutely delighted to be on it! It looks amazing so congratulations to you all at light stays on a job very well done.

Your retreat site is so well done, it is beautiful. Thank you so much for your lovely email and for liking us on Facebook, it was such a nice surprise. Your special package of $97 is great value.

I don’t know how long you have had your business but I do feel it is very special and would love to contribute to it and be part of it. If you can think of anything else we can do to improve our listing, do let us know. We are always open to new ideas and would value your input.

With love from sunny Spain.

Nikki Bates ~ Feel Great Retreat Breaks Spain

Nicola Bates - 17 Sep 2013

Hi Tameera,

I just read through your Ebook -- what a wealth of great information and tips! I will be sure to read through it again in detail and will use all your tips to help market my yoga retreats, thanks so much for sharing that with me. I'm sure it took a lot of time to pull together but it will be helpful, especially with all the resources in it as well.

All the best and thanks again for your help and for all your tips, very much appreciated,

Laura Bianchini, Director - Yoga Escapes

Laura Bianchini - 18 Apr 2013
Danielle Marten Paleo Weight Loss Retreat Phuket

Hello Tameera,

Thanks so much for getting back to me so promptly!  I used the link you provided and everything was easily completed. Awesome site by the way, great work you do!

Big Smiles, Danielle Marten, owner of Paleo Weight Loss Retreat Phuket

Danielle Marten - 9 Sep 2013
Danielle Watson Director and Yoga Teacher Om Unlimited, Bristow VA

Thank you so much for your help! It is a pleasant surprise to hear from a real person. The listing looks amazing! 

I finally took the time to put the lightstays link up on my site. It's now on my home page, the praise page, and the links page. Thank you for making this so easy! I am thrilled about people being able to actually find me when they do a search! I have no idea how SEO works and although my website has been up for years, it still does not come up with basic searches. Thanks for all your hard work and follow up.
Danielle Watson, Om Unlimited

Danielle A. Watson MA - 2 Apr 2012

You should check out this site! it is amazing for planning or even dreaming. (I'm planning) Light Stays has beautiful spiritual retreats all over the world. (shared via Light Stays Facebook)

Doris Johnson Padgett - 1 Sep 2013

Thank you Tameera.  I love your site and the work you are doing! Thanks again for your support and commitment to shine :) Jody McNicholas – Eco Chic Retreat

Jody McNicholas - 11 Apr 2013

 A Twitter testimonial on how we engage and help people with their retreats...

Villa Celeste - 29 Aug 2013
Daryl Wood, Owner of Healing Rock and Womens Wisdom Retreats Canada

Your timing is very good for me. I am shifting my focus to my retreat work and looking for new ways to promote my work.

Your website is beautiful and the features you offer for retreats to update their own information is one I’ve been looking for.  This is SO cool - you are almost 16,000 km from me and it feels like we are sitting beside each other!  Love it. Daryl

Healing Rock Retreats and Womens Wisdom Retreats, Canada

Daryl Wood - 17 Mar 2012
Danielle Watson

I finally took the time to read your Guide to Abundance EBook, and it is fantastic! I think you are really undercharging for the content you are delivering. Keep up the awesome work you are doing - you are really helping the world of wellbeing. 

Love Danielle, Om Unlimited Business Coaching Bristow VA

Danielle Watson - 22 Aug 2013

Hi Tameera, Just listed our holidays on your site. Kudos on the efficiency and ease of use, I've seen many websites of retreat listings and must say, this is how it should be.  All the best and Namaste, Rachel Bonkink, Reveling Vajra Yoga Retreats Italy

Rachel Bonkink
 - 19 Mar 2013
Lani Saraswati, Northern Beaches Yoga

I just wanted to share again - my Bali Ayurvedic Yoga Retreat now is sold out (Yippee!).  50% percent of my clients came though Light Stays so I am VERY happy, thank you! Now my May 2014 Bali retreat is almost full - from referrals from previous guests through Light Stays.  So it's building momentum! Thank you.

Lani Saraswati, Northern Beaches Yoga

Lani Saraswati - 17 Aug 2013
Marjon from the Raindrop Inn Spiritual Retreat, Queensland Australia

Thanks so much Tameera, for your professional contact, your personal contact, and the care you have for your business. You are a breathe of fresh air :} Blessings and Abundance.

Marjon Owner of Raindrop Inn Spiritual Retreat

Marjon Emery- Owner of Raindrop Inn Spiritual Retreat & Education - 15 Mar 2012

A friend of mine has just booked in for the September 2013 Ayurvedic Retreat Ubud, and I understand there will be another in May 2014, could I please be put on your mailing list to receive information about this? Thank you for your wonderful site it's the perfect place to find a retreat. 

Anna Petterson, Sydney - 8 Aug 2013
No wonder you are well respected and trusted by your clients. 

I do admire you. I feel it is my honor & great fortune to be a part of your organization.

Big thanks for your amazing creation. Indeed, it looks great. Again, I cannot help to reiterate how punctilious and faithfully to what you promise. 

Thank you for continuously helping out Michi.  No wonder you are well respected and trusted by your clients. 

I do admire you. I feel it is my honor & great fortune to be a part of your organization. 

Professor DK, Owner - Michi Retreat, Ubud Bali

Professor DK - 4 Mar 2013

Hi Tameera,

Thank you so much for adding my information to the 1 year retreat listing. The page looks wonderful, thank you so much!  I believe one person contacted me through your site.

Thank you for what you do, Mari Okazaki – Savary Island Reiki and Yoga Retreat Canada 

Mari Okazaki - 2 Aug 2013
Tracy Whtton - Restorative Yoga

'Light Stays' is now promoting lots of wonderful retreats, classes and workshops- I am happy to help spread Tameera's wonderful work. Check what she has done for restorative yoga! Tracy Whitton - Restorative Yoga

Tracy Whtton - 14 Mar 2012
Tammie Day

Hi Tameera, Thanks for your wonderful touches to my retreat! I liked your changes so much I have now re-named the Thailand Retreat!! You’re a STAR xx Tammie Day, Vibrant Women Retreats 

Tammie Day - 30 Jul 2013
Your abundant E-book, it is full of very useful information and practical tips for making our work more known in the global community.

Thank you Tameera for all the knowledge and experience you shared in your abundant E-book, it is full of very useful information and practical tips for making our work more known in the global community.  

Thanks a lot for your support, Sofia, Swara Yoga School, Portugal

Sofia - Swara Yoga School - 20 Feb 2013
Christion Robertson

Hi Tameera,

That's incredible that the post did so well. Thank you for sharing it! We haven't seen results like this since we've gotten started! I really appreciate your feedback as well, and could use any in the future. Your website is AMAZING and we're blessed to be a part of it. Looking forward to connecting more in the future!

Love & Light,

Christion Robertson

Co-Founder/CEO, Holy Yogis – Austin Texas

Christion Robertson - 16 Jul 2013
Chittering Valley Retreat, Western Australia

I keep sending your details around the place so that's good huh! I read all of your testimonials and they are absolutely correct.

I had a good look at other directories last week and most of them are crap! They're hard to navigate, look so terrible that you just want to leave them, and they don't do the listings any justice or make the readers want to buy from them. I predict do will do very well with the lack of real competition. 
Kate Meinck, Proprietor  - Chittering Valley Retreat

Kate Meinck - Chittering Valley Retreat - 14 Mar 2012
Radiant Being's 'Incredible India Retreat' in August, 2013 is receiving a lot of interest.

Radiant Being's 'Incredible India Retreat in August, 2013 is receiving a lot of interest. Thank-you for the added showcasing from the lovely Tameera at Light Stays Retreats & Living.

Hayley Lawrence, Radiant Being - Yoga Teacher and Founder

Hayley Lawrence - 8 Feb 2013
Carlos Muncharaz

Thank you for sharing your guide. I'll take this chance to congratulate you for the good job. Light Stays is an excellent source of information for people interested in humanistic and natural activities. Carlos Muncharaz - Graphic Designer and Photographer, Spain


Carlos Muncharaz - 3 Jul 2012
Patricia Vieira

I really liked Light Stays, when I started to fill the form I was positively surprised by thoroughness of it! I found your website in the internet, I was looking for good retreat promotion websites when I came across yours.

One of the things I appreciate more when dealing with people whether personally or professionally, is kindness, availability and personalized dealings, which you have shown plenty! Thank's a lot Tameera! Have a lovely day!

Kind regards, 

Patricia Vieira – Founder of The Empower Yourself Project, Costa Rica

Patricia Vieira - 4 Jul 2013
Carole Fogarty, The Rejuvenation Lounge

I feel blessed and a little bit stunned at the moment after reading the feedback from retreat participants.  If it wasn't for Light Stays I would never have asked for written feedback. Thank you. Sometimes you need to hear things like that to know you are on the right track.

I also mentioned on your website in my bio that I did meditations via skype and within 10 minutes I had an email about it (from your website as no one else knows about it) Amazing.  Bit of a tap on the shoulder from the universe - so quickly. Its all because of you and your inspiration.  Carole Fogarty, The Rejuvenation Lounge, Rest and Rejuvenation Retreats

Carole Fogarty, The Rejuvenation Lounge - 12 Mar 2012
We have secured three bookings through you including personal/spiritual development and animal communication sessions. Thanks heaps!

We have secured three bookings through you including personal/spiritual development and animal communication sessions. Thanks heaps!

Louise Corran, Manager for Amanda De Warren - Packaged Events

Louise Corran - 25 Jan 2013
Amanda Popley, Relax to Journey Within UK

Lovely to connect with you, I am looking to do workshops and retreats myself in the near future so I would love to advertise on your beautiful site. It has a lovely light vibration to it, great to connect with you. It is wonderful to connect with like minded people.

Love & Blessings ~ Amanda Popley, Relax to Journey Within UK x

Amanda Popley - 29 Jun 2012
Ocean View Retreats New Zealand

Hey Tameera,

I am sooo grateful to you for your Guide To Abundance Ebook. I have been reading it all day and stayed up to 1am to finish! It’s fab your should be very proud and am going to put your advice into action, one step at a time...

I am also sending you a thank you present from New Zealand all your help. I think what you have achieved is awesome!!!!

 I am currently signing up to ‘Delicious’.... also I have just posted on our Facebook a question regarding “Retreats” as you recommended.....I cannot thank you enough. Just made me feel warm all over. I will be re-reading your booklet stage by is truly inspirational!!!!!

Sharon Southern, Owner - Ocean View Retreats New Zealand 

Sharon Southern - 27 Jun 2013
Virginia Slevin, Director Soulfit Adventures

I have had a look at the listings and they look brilliant!  Thanks so much for your suggestions especially regarding the names of each trip/retreat. Thanks again for all your feedback and support, you have been brilliant! Virginia Slevin, Director - Soulfit Adventures

Virginia Slevin Soulfit Adventures - 29 Feb 2012
My listing with you brought my search engine ranking in my area to #1 for restorative yoga.

I just sent a referral your way that I hope will land. I told her how my listing with you brought my search engine ranking in my area to #1 for restorative yoga. Here is hoping she follows up! Have a beautiful day. :-)

I also appreciate your gently guiding me on how to improve my profile. Your instructions make everything so user friendly! Danielle Watson Om Unlimited Yoga Workshops Bristol

Danielle Watson - 6 Jan 2013
Venus Andrecht of The Dear Venus Show

Tameera is honest, hardworking, she loves to help people and has lots of experience in the metaphysical world. She is also a great communicator and to top it, she is a delight. Tameera has created a great source of information to help people through Light Stays.

xo Venus Andrecht, The Dear Venus Show, California 

Venus Andrecht - 26 Jun 2012

I love your site, I googled Yoga Khao Lak and found the perfect yoga retreat and classes through Light Stays. It was very last minute too thank you it's a really big help. I will definitely use you in future when looking for yoga and places to stay. Edwina

Edwina (Australia) - 23 Jun 2013
Azure Kingfisher Ceyx azureus photographed Evans Head Australia, saved and released by Halden after hitting a shop.

Hi thanks Tameera....have a look at some of my Bali pics and feel free to use them. You are a real Bali cosmic messenger which is where the culture and trust and friendship with indigenous people are at....your positive and harmonious contribution is really nice.....Halden *smile* (ex editor Australian Photography and Photoworld)

Halden Boyd - Award winning senior journalist Australian Broadcasting Corporation · 1988 to 2004 - 22 Feb 2012
"I am sure the universe has sent you to me." Louise Thomas, Owner The Thailand Fitness Bootcamp

Thanks for your kind words and the feature on your homepage it is really appreciated, the profile looks amazing - love it! Thanks also for the advice regarding adding another currency.  

I just realized the email book you sent me was about business, had a quick look and it looks great, so much to learn with marketing and do it all my self so it's much appreciated. I think it will be just what I’m into and what I need, in fact I am sure the universe has sent you to me.

To your continued success – Light Stays is lovely! Louise Thomas, Owner The Thailand Fitness Bootcamp 

Louise Thomas - 20 Dec 2012
Susanne Calman & Trudy Joyce, Femine Spirit Retreats

Wow…They look fab. Thank you…cant wait to spend some time on it.  I am so glad you connected with me and inspired me to plunge in…(well dip my toes)!
Blessings, Susanne Calman - Feminine Spirit Retreats

Susanne Calman - 21 Jun 2012
I think thats why I like your approach so much. Its about a depth and meaning generating success.

Thanks Tameera for your support. I went through the first few pages of your book too. Fantastic stuff! No wonder you are doing so well. I immediately implemented the idea of guest blogging (getting someone to guest on my blog) and I had 6 replies from good writers with interesting topics. Its also inspired me to write my own blog NOW... Thanks for your support. Looking forward to supporting each other.

As I see it people need to look at their motivations for doing anything. I think thats why I like your approach so much. Its about a depth and meaning generating success...success thats inspires and serves....

Something my partner John and I have been discussing is that when you run a business and you get support you need people to offer solutions so the business can grow. I truly feel just through our initial contact that you are doing this with your work. I wish you every success!

Namaste, Rach ~ Rachel Zinman Yoga

Rachel Zinman - 20 Jun 2013
The Mandala Center, A Retreat in North Eastern New Mexico

Light Stays is the most beautiful retreat finder site I have seen online.  Nice work.  Many are informative but don’t have the nice look.

I would also say that your home page just made me WANT to look further. Some sites home pages just make me click off of them..either they look too complicated or too amateurish ….or just not appealing.  

Good luck to you.  In peace, Lori - The Mandala Center, New Mexico


Lori Coon - 8 Feb 2012
"Your Ebook is a life changing content that is applicable to all businesses and personal lives as well."

Thanks for your mail filled with kindness, optimism and energy. Had time to go through the wonderful manual you have created - 55 pages.

It is a life changing content that is applicable to all businesses and personal lives as well.

Krishna Prakash, Shrimath Yoga Retreat, Bangalore India

Krishna Prakash - 9 Dec 2012

From the research I have done, your site is the most comprehensive, supportive and beautiful site I have seen, hands down!! The Yoga Finder is a poor subsitute for what you offer. You have already inspired me and sparked so many ideas on how to focus my site. Thank you, Evon, The Yoga Retreat Planner USA

Evon Rubenstein - 1 Jun 2012
Jana Carrozzi, Director of Anahata Therapies Mosman, Sydney

Anahata Therapies is most proud to be part of this pioneering website that not only helps to connect spiritual people to find retreats, workshops and healing centres that would otherwise be such an effort to research and find but it also helps healing centres such as Anahata Therapies to find like minded participants.

There is nothing like it out there that helps to connect in this beautiful way. So much work, thought, creativity and heart has gone into this website, I wish it and its creator Tameera infinite success and expansion. 

Jana Carrozzi, Director of Anahata Therapies, Mosman, Sydney

Jana Carrozzi - 7 Feb 2012

I’ve checked out your site and think you’ve done a great job. I finally joined your directory and was very pleased with the presentation and promptness with which it appeared. The lovely Helen, who obviously works for you also contacted me to help. Lovely to hear from her.

Anyhow, just like to say I’m very happy with my choice to be guided by you and your wonderful website. Your obvious care and interest are a refreshing change.

Mitch Rilett - Inner-Voyage Holistic Retreat Bali

Mitch Rilett - 26 Nov 2012
Bali Mountain Retreat

Joined the wonderful new Retreat site Lightstays today, very happy with their attitude and professionalism. Bali Mountain Retreatvia Facebook.

Bali Mountain Retreat - 4 Feb 2012
I actually wanted to read your ebook before replying, which I have now and really I thought it was excellent. Cat Easterbrook, Marketing & Blog Manager Azulfit Yoga & Pilates Retreat Spain

I actually wanted to read your ebook before replying, which I have now and really I thought it was excellent. I like to think we are reasonably on the ball with our marketing but I learned lots from it and will definitely be doing more with LinkedIn and joining Pinterest. 

So interesting to read about numerology and feng shui too. There are so many fascinating ways to see and learn about the world - thank you for sharing some of your specialties! Thanks and best wishes,

Cat Easterbrook, Marketing Manager Azulfit Yoga & Pilates Retreat Spain

Cat Easterbrook - 9 Nov 2012
Brandy Lee, Metaphysical Teacher

Oh Wow! It looks AMAZING! Thank you so much Tameera! I am really looking forward to being a part of the Light stays community! 

Blessings from Bali and the Chakradance Retreat. Brandy Lee :)

Brandy Lee - 1 Feb 2012
I came home and read all of your E-book and love it. With Light Stays I am also ranking higher the Google chain 'lol'.

I came home and read all of your E-book and love it. Wow. 8 seconds to be engaged in a site. Thanks for amazing connections. I love your book. No one compares to your company. 

With Light Stays I am also ranking higher the Google chain 'lol'.

1 - Light Stays is inexpensive.
2 - You are a wonderful human soul walking this wondrous journey called life.
3 - The website is amazing and i love it.
4 - You are super hard driven worker and it all steers you forward with love and compassion and HEART...

Blessings to you, Rob Lo Bosco, Owner/Director Yera Health Retreat Australia

Rob Lo Bosco - 29 Oct 2012
Nadia Marshall, Managing Director, Mudita Institute & Health Clinic Retreat

There are very few online directories that cater to specialised retreats and retreat centres. There are even fewer that do it really well. 

Light Stays is a stunning looking site with excellent SEO, a great presence in social media and it is super easy to use - for both advertisers and customers alike. Importantly for small businesses like us, it is also incredibly affordable.

I think Tameera is a stylish genius and Light Stays is going to be a huge success. We feel so lucky to be a part of it. Nadia Marshall, Managing Director, Mudita Institute Health Retreats, Byron Bay

Nadia Marshall - 25 Jan 2012
Good on you for obviously putting in so much thought and effort to create your wesbite, which in turn supports other small businesses like mine, at an affordable price.

Good on you for obviously putting in so much thought and effort to create your website, which in turn supports other small businesses like mine, at an affordable price.

And yes, Broulee is a very special and beautiful place. The south coast in general is so unspoilt compared to north coast NSW - 75% of our shire is national park or state forest! Total population about 35,00 people - though it quadruples over summer :)

Your website is really nice, so I was very happy to become part of it.


, Catherine Potter, Yoga Teacher and owner - Broulee Retreat

Catherine Potter - 22 Oct 2012
Ruthie Phillips, one of Australia's leading Clairvoyant Mediums.

Light Stays Retreats is a new way forward through the shifting energies of these present times. With clarity of purpose, insight and the highest integrity, Tameera shines the light on the events, classes, retreats and workshops that Light Workers everywhere are offering for those on the spiritual path.

Listing with Light Stays Retreats as a presenter is yet another way to sound the Clarion call to those who are seeking new expressions of their spiritual and holistic qualities.  This is a ‘Go To’ website for those wishing to begin their spiritual journey as well as those on the higher path of consciousness.

Thankyou Tameera and Light Stays Retreats & Living,

Ruthie Phillips

Ruth Phillips - 24 Jan 2012
"I also love your website!! It makes me feel at peace and all the retreat centers are very well portrayed with a lot of info - it’s very nice!"

Thanks for my listing on Light Stays, I also love your website!! It makes me feel at peace and all the retreat centers are very well portrayed with a lot of info - it’s very nice!

Shaini Verdon ~ Yogaion Yoga & Surf Retreats in Portugal

Shaini Verdon - 17 Oct 2012

Thank you so much for your assistance, I really appreciate it.  The page looks fantastic.  I will also add to your events/workshops page as you suggested. Amaranti's Personal Training

Kristy Amaranti - 23 Jan 2012
I know so many of you would definitely benefit on so many levels by reading this feel good for life book which will also support your business. I know it will be a huge success.

I would like to share feedback on Tameera’s new Ultimate Guide to Abundance E-book. I have read the book, which in all honesty is incredible in every way.

The book lacks nothing in presentation and content and you would not regret for a moment purchasing and reading this wonderful book. I know so many of you would definitely benefit on so many levels by reading this feel good for life book which will also support your business. I know it will be a huge success.

Amanda De Warren – One of the worlds leading Mediums and Animal Communication Experts

Amanda De Warren - 15 Oct 2012

Thank you! It looks beautiful!! I didn't have much time to fill it out. we are announcing a 3rd event this week in the midwest and am slammed with organizing it. :)

i appreciate you helping me spruce it up....Shakti Festival, Joshua Tree, California
MUKTI SILBERFEIN - Producer Shakti Fest - 19 Jan 2012
"I've just looked at your web site and I'm knocked over by it. What a fabulous idea! I also feel like I should be booking a retreat."

I've just looked at your web site and I'm knocked over by it. What a fabulous idea! I also feel like I should be booking a retreat. Charmaine, The Charka Cooperative

Charmaine, The Charka Cooperative - 13 Oct 2012
Simonne Lee Animal Communicator with her pet python Pi.

The vision of creating a community with global listings has been achieved. This is such a beautiful site with a great presence. Year of the Dragon has paved the way for Light Stays Retreats & Living – this website is creating a lifestyle and connecting us even more.
Thank you Tameera for daring to dream and making it a reality! 

Simonne Lee Animal Communicator

Simonne Lee - 3 Jan 2012
Patty Kikos Hatha & Kundalini Yoga Teacher | Kinesiologist

Your site is classy. Divine. Elegant. Other sites are nowhere near as polished as yours. Light Stays is a wonderful directory that is not only modern and up to date, but expansive in terms of the continued Facebook and Twitter updates and promotion of for any workshop or retreat.

Tameera's enthusiasm for promoting and growing health and wellbeing businesses is infectious as it is supportive. Patty Kikos, Yoga and Reiki Teacher

Patty Kikos - 1 Dec 2012
Thank you so much my listings look wonderful…I really appreciate your energy and positive outlook..been reading the ebook. Great! Jennie Lee

Thank you so much my listings look wonderful…I really appreciate your energy and positive outlook..been reading the ebook. Great!

Jennie Lee, Owner of Jennie Lee Yoga Therapy workshops and retreats

Jennie Lee - 9 Oct 2012
"Your website is fantastic and something I will use as a resource in the future."

Your website is fantastic and something I will use as a resource in the future. 
I am part of a larger group of Lightworkers from all over the world and will share your site with them though! 

Many Blessings in your LightWork,
Debra Wrye ~ Facilitator/Teacher/Coach, Sacred Retreats for the Woman's Soul

Debbie (Bishal) Wrye - 3 Oct 2012
Summer McStravick of Flowdreaming

Networking tip! This gorgeous website lets you list your teleclass, event, or retreat so the world can find it. I know the gal who runs it and can tell you it's going to be a big networking hub for people looking for mind/body/spirit courses. You'll be able to find my events/classes and retreats on here - Tameera has my full support with all she is doing.

Summer McStravick is former director of Hayhouse Radio. She is a multimedia broadcaster on radio and WebTV, the author of nine books and CDs, a successful corporate leader in the world of mind/body/spirit publishing, and the originator of FlowdreamingTM, a technique for empowering ourselves through working with living energies.

Summer McStravick - 28 Oct 2011
"Thank you for pointing me in direction of your website Lights Stays. It is a lovely site and easy to navigate around."

Thank you for pointing me in direction of your website Lights Stays Retreats & Living. It is a lovely site and easy to navigate around. Oh How I wish I could visit some of the places especially Bali. Must send out my cosmic order.
Eleanor Walker ~ Reiki Master, Spiritual Medium and Colour Practitioner

Eleanor Walker - 2 Oct 2012
Steven Hickey, Co-owner of Donna Does

Excellent new site Tameera - it looks amazing and is so easy to look around.  There are so many helpful articles. Really looking forward to seeing even more great resources on here soon!  I'll be back again soon. Steve

Steve Hickey - 12 Oct 2011
"An excellent job you've done with your journalism and marketing skills in designing and creating a fabulous website."

Aloha Tameera, An excellent job you've done with your journalism and marketing skills in designing and creating a fabulous website. Now I know where to go and to refer my friends to get a comprehensive overview of spiritual locations for rest and relaxation etc.
Blissful Visions, Dennis Shipman ~ Singer, Musician and Writer

Dennis Shipman - 26 Sep 2012

Your webpage is fantastic! It really has a feeling of serenity due, I think, to the lovely colouring and backgrounds of each section. I think you will have a wonderful response - there is nothing else remotely like it out there, so you are really filling a need in the marketplace.


Terree Gower, University Lecturer - 11 Oct 2011
Simonne Lee - Animal Communicator

Tameera’s E-Book is the perfect step by step guide needed to fine tune your business holistically!

Each chapter is easy to read and follow so that you can increase the potential of your business. It is a gift in itself…Thank you Tameera for sharing your experiences and helping others to be as successful as Light Stays Retreats & Living. Your drive and passion to help others and share on a global platform is inspiring, much and always appreciated! 
Simonne Lee - Animal Communicator, Life Coach & Reiki Master

Simonne Lee - 19 Sep 2012
Remember to follow the moon! Sandra Mosely, Astrologer and Co-owner Zodiac Arts, Hawaii

Tameera and I have been have worked together on a web based project when she was in the process of creating Light Stays Retreats & Living. Based on my experience working with her, I can say that she is a skilled and resourceful organizer, an ethical business woman, and a talented networker. It has been an easy and pleasurable working relationship. Tameera is someone you can count on! 
Sandra Mosely, Astrologer and Co-owner Zodiac Arts, Hawaii

Sandra Mosley - 17 Sep 2012
Maruis Pellegrini - Creative Director, The Brotherhood
Tameera is exceptionally professional at what she does but at the same time she is a very warm and energetic person. Such qualities can rarely be found in the same person. Working with her is a real pleasure and a unique experience. I recommend Tameera with no hesitation because I know she can accomplish anything she sets her mind on. Maruis Pellegrini, Creative Director, The Brotherhood
(Marius is the Designer for Light Stays Guide to Abundance for Your Business Mind and Soul E-Book)
Maruis Pellegrini - 10 Sep 2012
Andrea Clarke, Complementary/holistic practitioner at the Natural Healthcare Centre

Light Stays website is beautiful and serene - lovely!! I will be doing workshops in the future, but not quite yet, still "assembling my tool kit", but certainly I will forward your link to anyone that I think would benefit.  Have a wonderful day! 

Andrea Clarke BA (Hons), MCThA Complementary/Holistic Practitioner at the Natural Healthcare Centre, UK

Andrea Clarke - 9 Sep 2012
Louise Corran Director, Packaged Events

Tameera has been such a pleasure to deal with over the last 10 months, our business relationship has developed into an exceptional bond which is growing into a lovely friendship. Light Stays is a fantastic concept and I have been extremely happy with what she can offer my clients. Tameera is very knowledgeable and can offer wonderful advice and guide you in the right direction.

I have no hesitation in recommending Tameera or Lights Stays to anyone. Thank you Tameera for your on going commitment to myself and my clients.

Louise Corran, Director Packaged Events

Louise Corran - 28 Aug 2012
Patty Kikos

Tameera's new E-Book 'Guide to abundance for your business, mind and soul' is a reflection of her fabulous Light Stays website – thorough, inspiring and incredibly well thought out. She captures the essence of her reader's interest by reflecting the varied topics of interest in a concise and encouraging manner.

Tameera's passion for sharing retreats, wellbeing and personal development is matched by her thorough knowledge of the tools needed to bring each business the global success it can achieve to thrive in today's competitive market. 

Patty Kikos ~ Yoga and Reiki Teacher, Kinesiologist and Marriage Celebrant

Patty Kikos - 23 Aug 2012
Barbara Hofmeister

Thank you for reaching out Tameera and for sharing this valuable information. Your website is beautiful and inspiring. I am enjoying it very much.  Stay in touch to see where we can synergize.  

Barbara Hoffmesiter ~ International speaker and best selling author

Barbara Hofmeister - 16 Aug 2012
Stone Light Retreat Center

This is a testimonial of appreciation for your professional Light service to our world and specifically for my retreat center, Stone Light in beautiful Wisconsin.

I am very grateful for all the time and effort you dedicated in helping me create a wonderful site listing for on LIGHT STAYS.  You have ben extremely helpful, caring and responsive with creative ideas!  Your resources have enhanced my center.

I highly recommend LIGHT STAYS and you for anyone or organization that wants to  promote their retreat or events globally.

Please continue spreading the Light...

Best wishes, Steve Jensen ~ Stone Light Retreat Center, USA

Steve Jensen - 3 Aug 2012
Sacred Spirit One Brave Heart Spiritual Journey Retreat Scotland

So excited to have found your site anyway, I just love it ... and some of the retreats are divine.

Blessings from Christine - Owner and Facilitator, Sacred Spirit Retreats

Christine Scott - 19 Jul 2012

Tameera has impressed me with her spirit of collaboration and lovely energy. She will be the first person I contact whenever I am looking for a retreat. Sue Ellam

Sue Ellam - 8 Jul 2012















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